Mac OS X feature request: apply update on next restart

I love updates, but I hate restarting my computer. As an example, I'm currently downloading the iTunes 10.5 update, but I've yet to install the Security Update 2011-005 which came out over a month ago. Why? Because I'd have to restart my computer.

However, I have, on numerous occasions, restarted my computer since I first became aware of the update. In each case, however, I either forgot or couldn't be bothered to fire up Software Update and wait for it to chug along checking for updates, then to apply the update.

Similarly, I don't want to apply the update and have the annoying dialog box hanging around pestering me to restart while I'm trying to use my computer. Instead, what I'd love is to have the option to apply the update when I next restart my computer, whenever that might be.


After a year of trying, I finally got @kylecronin on Twitter

Since September 2010 I've opened up four Twitter tickets asking that the abandoned account at @kylecronin be deleted. After the latest one was immediately closed with a canned response that they can't accommodate my request at this time, I emailed someone who works there directly. Two days later I'm rocking my new Twitter handle.

This is obviously not an official approach, so I'm not going to tell you who I contacted or even how to find people to contact. However, if you're desperate enough to get your account name changed I can safely say that it's definitely something that Twitter can do internally, so it's worth a shot.

Oh, and if you aren't doing so already, feel free to follow me.


Heil PL-2T achilles' heel

The desk clamp that comes with the Heil PL-2T boom is not that great. I would normally like to screw the base to the desk (see FL2), but I can’t, so I’m stuck with the clamp.

The clamp constantly came loose as the microphone moved around, and I kept having to get under my desk and tighten the clamp with one hand while suspending the microphone with the other hand to reduce torque on the clamp. This happened frequently, and was very annoying.

Today I noticed as I started to do this again that something had come loose under the part of the clamp that touched the top of the desk. Upon taking down the microphone and boom arm and removing the clamp I discovered that it was a piece of foam padding that was glued to the top, and the pressure and torque was forcing it to slide around.

After peeling off the foam I reattached the clamp and lo and behold the thing is now stable. I’ve only been using it for a few hours this way, but it’s already much improved. I can’t speak to what it’s doing to the top of the desk, but it’s certainly better than a few screw holes. Makes me wonder why Heil ships it with the foam in the first place.


Just hit 20k rep on Stack Overflow

Been waiting for this for a while


Steve Jobs has died

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news: It was about 7:50 PM or so, I was driving and coming up to an intersection when I opened Reeder on my iPhone. There, at the top of the screen, was the title of a TIMN article: "Steve Jobs has died".

I don't feel like I'm qualified to publicly eulogize the man, but let me say this: I may not have met Steve personally, but watching him on stage, reading his writing, and using his products I feel like I know him. His enthusiam for creating truly great products is completely unmatched in the rest of the industry, and I'm saddened by the loss. I'll miss you Steve.