I'm moving to the Boston area
May 5, 2012 at 5PM
Kyle Cronin

In September I will turn 25 years old, thus marking the halfway point in my 20s. This fact is bit of a pain point for me, because it shows how fast time passes and makes me think how poorly I’ve made good use of it. I’ve stagnated, personally and professionally, for years, and have little to show for it. With that in mind, my New Years’ resolution this year was to find a professional job in the software development field before my birthday. To that end, I’m happy to report I succeeded: I found a great new job in the Boston area and will be starting in just a few days.

The story of how I got the job, though, requires stepping back a few years to the fall of 2009 when I attended the Stack Overflow DevDays conference in Boston. The conference was interesting (though the chairs were uncomfortable!) and I got the chance to meet some people I had interacted with on Stack Overflow for the past year, as well as meet some new people from the area. One of the people I met and talked with worked for an area company and was hiring new people. I was interested in the idea of getting a job in the software industry, but at the time I wasn’t immediately prepared to move to the Boston area. We ended up following each other on Twitter, but nothing further really came from it.

That is, until about three weeks ago. He posted a message on Twitter saying that he had hired someone, and was looking to hire an additional person for his team. I had been looking for jobs for the previous month or so and even had just had an interview that didn’t work out, so I the tweet couldn’t have come at a better time. I sent him my Stack Overflow CV (something that, given that we met at a Stack Overflow conference, I thankfully didn’t have to explain what it was) and the next day we had a phone interview. The following week I had an on-site interview and was offered a job, which I accepted, on the following day.

Since that time I’ve been involved in the surprisingly complicated details of finding a place to live, as well as tying up loose ends here in Maine. My parents have been extremely supportive thorough this whole process (I think they were just relieved I finally got a good job!). This past Thursday and Friday my father and I looked at the listings for dozens of apartments, called 20-30 of them and visited 6, ranging from a $999 studio to an $1899 one-bedroom place, with a median of around $1400-$1600. There was one that clearly stood out to me as a very desirable place to live, and even though it was pretty expensive I think I made the right decision when I applied for it. I’ll be moving in on May 19th, and my parents are coming down on Memorial Day weekend to help me move some of my larger stuff from my current apartment and to go shopping to help furnish the space with what I need.

I am incredibly grateful to my new employer for taking a chance on me; providing someone with no professional work history and no degree with a very generous offer of employment. I will do everything I can to continually exceed all the expectations they have for me. I’m also grateful for all the help my family has provided in getting me situated in this new job, and I’m really looking forward to starting!

P.S. – If you, the reader, are in the Boston area, and you want to meet up, feel free to send me an email. I’m hoping to meet new people, and if you’re reading my blog then I like you already.

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