Length of Hypercritical episodes

As a devoted 5by5 and Hypercritical fan, I have been enjoying the recent increase in the show length. There are not many podcasts I could listen to single episodes for 2+ hours, but Hypercritical is one that always leaves me wanting more. For my own amusement I decided to graph the length of each episode:

I suppose it tells a lot about me that this is the sort of thing I do for fun. In any case, what I find interesting is that although there is a high degree of variability in the length of the Hypercritical show itself, recently there is less of a variation the total length of the conversation (the show plus the After Dark). There’s also a trend towards longer conversations: episodes #46-#50 plus their After Darks are all all more than 2 hours long, and the most recent episode, #51, is just a minute shy when combined with its After Dark.

In contrast to John’s statement in the latest episode (#51) that he wants to “tighten up” the length of the shows, I’m also hoping that Dan and John will continue to do these long shows, and maybe do some that are even longer. The increased time allows John to go into more detail in both setting up the premise and in articulating his point. In the phenominal episode on the history of game controllers John had to describe half a dozen game controllers in order to demonstrate his thesis, and it simply could not have been done in a show that was limited to an hour. Yet the episode was in no way long-winded or boring. As evidenced by the amount of followup in the following episode, many listeners both really enjoyed it and thought that John should have included even more controllers. The people have spoken, they want more Siracusa (no ‘z’). Let’s make it happen, Dan.

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