Where the iPhone 4S sample pictures were taken
October 5, 2011 at 2PM
Kyle Cronin

Apple has posted a series of sample pictures taken with the iPhone 4S (select "View the gallery"). Interestingly, and perhaps in an attempt to prove that they have not been modified in any way, they left all the EXIF data in, including a geotag on 5 of the photos. Two were taken in Yosemite National Park (8/24 for the squirrel, 8/25 for the mountain), and two in the Santa Rosa area (8/29 for the wave, 8/30 for the balloon).

The last one was a bit of a surprise, though: the picture of the garden shed (for lack of a better term) was taken 8/30 in Germany, near Dresden. I wonder if an Apple employee took an iPhone 4S on vacation there - it seems pretty far to send someone to take sample shots with the camera.

The rest of the photos (the ones with the flowers) sadly have no GPS data.


 Google Map available here


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